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As a result of a flood, a faulty pipe, or various other water related causes, your home can become extremely damaged. Unfortunately, this damage is not always apparent, making a fair claim difficult.

A faulty or damaged roof can lead to leaking, which in turn can cause major water damage and unsafe living conditions in your home. This can happen with time or as a result of an incomplete job by your roofer.

After a serious storm such as a hurricane with high winds, your home can be damaged in many ways. This includes trees or branches falling on your home, breaking windows, or even damaging your roof.

The damage from mold and spores is not always visible and cannot always be seen for how far spread it truly is until an expert has examined it. Sometimes you may not even be aware of the mold damage in your home.

After a fire, the damage to your home is usually extensive. In some cases, it may be slight damage to the interior, and sometimes it can wreck your entire structure down to the foundation. Either way, it can be incredibly devastating.

If someone has vandalized your home or you have been robbed, insurance often covers the damage. Your coverage may include the costs of fixing your home and replacing the stolen items.

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